We have a strong faith in Nigeria and the entire African market and their underlying unlimited potentials which have resulted in our increasing investments into different ventures. We have instituted dynamic policies which are people, business and government friendly and have been positioning Da-Seventh to be household name in the markets while at the same time driving the value of our human resources who have demonstrated excellent dedication, initiative and skill which have contributed immensely to the growth of the group.

With the understanding of Nigerian market for telecommunications being very matured, competitive and evolved, this sector demands a great deal of expertise and innovative selling. The Group attracted, developed and secured a sustainable alliance  with key players in the industry and as a result passionately make wholesale and retail of  Call Cards across all network providers, e-top up, Sim Registrations and Subscriptions easily accessible and reachable to customers.

It is interesting to note that in the business of wholesale of call cards, Da-Seventh has a bigger deal with GLO brand than other network providers.

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Our key drive  in the Africa’s real estate industry is to be the most innovative market leader. We have developed a strong system that inspires and causes sustainable housing changes that will have significant contribution in turning around housing deficit in Nigeria and beyond.

Going by this background,we have attracted and transacted high networth residential and commercial properties within Nigeria and abroad to the tune of billions of naira. We uncompromisingly ensure our clients’ housing aspiration is fulfilled beyond their expectations and that has given them so much confident in giving us referrals.

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As a full IATA and NANTA  licensed travels and tours company with capabilities across Airline ticketing, Visa Applications, Reservations, tour packages, and Travel Insurance, we work with clients to fulfill their travel aspirations through different influential travel packages of education, vacation, and overseas delivery.

We have evolved over the years in the flight industry whilst consistently developing a brand strategy that helps people cut through the deceit, frustration and disappointment and connect with the right people.We go extra-miles to make travel easy for our clients and position them to be loyal to our travel brand

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We are known as the most reliable licensed Bureau De Change company operating in the hub of Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria. We pride ourselves on delivering timely, professional and reliable  foreign currency exchange and transfers in supporting and realizing personal and business growth.

With our deep understanding of the market complexity and volatility of foreign currency exchange, we deployed quality  BDC expertise gained over the years in the industry  in creating memorable experiences to meeting clients’ foreign exchange needs.

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