It is amazing to recount how the journey of one small business idea incubated within a room has metamorphosed, attracted and grew to becoming a giant in the Africa region. Nigeria has been a strong market home to DA-SEVENTH where we are growing exponentially into a force of largest conglomerate in Africa.


We have a strong faith in Nigeria and the entire African market and their underlying unlimited potentials which have resulted in our increasing investments into different ventures.


We have instituted dynamic policies which are people, business and government   friendly and have been positioning Da-Seventh to be household name in the markets while at the same time driving the  value of  our  human resources who have demonstrated excellent dedication, initiative  and skill which have contributed immensely to the growth of the group.


Our three-centered arch of corporate strategy focuses on Backward Integration, Strategic Collaboration and Replication of successful business models.  We must affirm that the strength of each of these strategies has been phenomenal.


Our focus is now heavily oriented towards building a large scale of ventures and networks in Africa, deploying the most recent technologies and collaborating with renowned international companies.


We are excited to share this great news with you  that we have just launched an ingenious and terrific online business project worth billions of naira which will have significant and laudable impacts in the business world. We urge you to visit, sign up and feel free carry out businesses  via our E-Business Platforms


Indeed, the life of Da-Seventh- Founder/Group CEO David Dutchess is a perfect portrayal of the African Dream. She’s ever ready and inspired to keep charting a course of sustainable change in the business world and in the people’s lives across the world.


We wish you all, most especially our loyal customers and prospective customers, peace and prosperity in the years to come.

David Dutchess

Founder/Group CEO, Da-Seventh Group